Quarterly Message from WWLI Chair, Christine Dellecave

Posted by [email protected] on Aug. 13, 2018  /   0

We are well on our way to hitting our 2018 annual goals for WWLI.  As I reflect on the year we have had to date, I can picture a group of incredible leaders coming together to rally around a common goal:  supporting the needs of women leaders.  While it is the one thing that unites us, that is where our similarities end, and what makes this such an incredible organization.

I am proud as I look around, at the diversity among us.  That diversity may be hard to see at first even when someone is right in front of you.  The ideas we each bring, the industries we represent, the roles we hold, the titles we have, the types of events and speakers we bring to this community, and the list goes on.  It is in that diversity that we find solutions, innovations, and new ways of thinking that help us learn, grow and connect in new and different ways. 

While it is important to find that diversity that is among us, our work is not done.  It is not uncommon to hear a WWLI board member asking:  are we diverse enough?  I invite you to participate in helping diversify WWLI further.  A good starting point is to take a moment to not only appreciate the diversity this group affords, but to uncover all that it can do to help you in your leadership journey.  It makes our achievements even more fulfilling, both personally and professionally.  Additionally, look at your own professional network and spheres of influence.  Think about how you can bring leaders who represent other industries, backgrounds, ethnicities, ideas, etc. into WWLI.  Those differences fuel our future and the acceleration of women’s leadership success. 

Your active involvement in this group is what makes it so special.  To that end, I invite you to bring your very diverse selves to our next event:  our Members Only Quarterly Lunch on August 17th at noon at Barcelona Restaurant in Reston.  I assure you the diversity of the group will make for a lovely lunch and new connections.

Thank you for investing your time, talents and energy into making WWLI a special organization for the women’s leadership community.

Christine Dellecave

WWLI Chair

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