Kamala Harris Makes History As First Female, Black, Asian American Vice President

As vice president-elect, Kamala Harris makes history in a number of ways: She is the first woman and Asian-American to be part of a winning presidential ticket, and will be the first Black American to become vice president.

70 countries have chosen a woman as their highest political leader. Women made up 24% of members of national legislatures around the world. No country has achieved parity yet. But, with the new US VP-elect Kamala Harris, we see another important step towards achieving gender equality!

“That I am here tonight is a testament to the dedication of generations before me,” said Harris when accepting the nomination at the Democratic National Convention. “They organized, marched, and fought—not just for their vote, but for a seat at the table.”

To many people it's a giant leap forward for womankind. But to others, the historic election of the nation's first female and woman of color to be vice president is a long-overdue step, and a reminder of how much more of the road still lies ahead. 

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Read more about this historic event at Forbes by clicking here here. Original story by Jemima McEvoy.


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