‘Go For It’: America’s Richest Self-Made Women On Founding Businesses After 40

Image source: Anastasia Shuraeva / Pexels


“Your age doesn’t matter. It’s your energy and determination.”

- Cordia Harrington, founder of Tennessee Bun Company 

As women are increasingly taking center stage in business, Forbes has recently published its list of America's Richest Self-Made Women for 2020. Among these incredible business-owners, many share a common origin story that clashes with the narrative of the plucky young founder that makes for buzzy headlines: starting a business at age 40 or older. 

In a recent article by Hayley C. Cuccinello, she interviews some of these remarkable leaders and shares their inspiring stories which remind us that age is not important with hard work and a brilliant mind. The average age of American entrepreneurs founding businesses is 42, according to a 2019 MIT-Northwestern study of U.S. Census Bureau data. The average age for the fastest-growing startups is even higher, at 45.

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