Advancing Gender Equity as We Return to the Office

Image Source: Anastasia Shuraeva / Pexels.com

As we plan the return to the workplace and think about what work might look like after the shutdown, leaders must remember gender equality and representation. The lockdown offers a unique opportunity to supercharge progress on gender equity by deliberately reworking policies and practices to usher in a new chapter in the history of work — one that is designed for men and women, particularly as family commitments come into play.

Harvard Business Review recently published an article on 3 ways to achieve these goals. You can read the full article by David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson here.


  1. Advocate for an increase in flexible work arrangements 
  2. Keep working parents in mind with paid sick leave & childcare benefits
  3. Don't try to hide your family life and responsibilities from coworkers

Click here to read the full article by David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson for Harvard Business Review.

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