Quarterly Message from WWLI Chair, Christine Dellecave

Dear WWLI Members:
2018 is off to a great start already.  Our year started out with much momentum thanks to the leadership that our Past Chair, Andrea Dykes, provided to our organization over the last 12 months. Her work over the past year resulted in a number of enhancements at WWLI, not the least of which is a strong network of committees powered by passionate volunteers who are making this year’s focus possible. 
Coming off of a busy year-end and staring down a huge list of resolutions and priorities for the year, it is most helpful to be reminded that we need to chart our course consciously.  As an organization, WWLI has done the same.  Our Board had a very productive strategic retreat in January where we laid out our focused priorities for 2018.  These include:
  1. Driving the engagement and involvement of our current and new members
  2. Expanding our work with sponsors enabling greater ROI for them
  3. Improving communication and maximizing the effectiveness of our current communication channels
  4. Supporting the charter to get more women on boards through building out a new Executive Membership offering
  5. Delivering monthly high quality events in a variety of formats and locations to meet the diverse needs of our community
Achieving this targeted and ambitious list of priorities depends on each of you.  Actively participating in events, sharing perspective and volunteering your time and/or ideas will all contribute to our collective success this year.  We cannot do it without you.
I invite you to join us for our next event, our Member Lunch which is taking place on Friday, February 16th at Chef Goeff’s in Tysons Corner.  This venue will afford us the opportunity to get to know each other better, in a comfortable, and more relaxed setting.  I will be attending along with a number of members of the Board and other WWLI colleagues, and look forward to meeting you there.
On behalf of the entire Board of WWLI, thank you for your continued support of this important, mission-driven organization.  The focus on the strength, courage and power of women in our society is surging right now, creating an environment ripe for our work to make an even greater and enduring impact for women in leadership.  I am proud to be part of this movement with you in a meaningful way through WWLI this year.
Christine Dellecave
WWLI Chair

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