Q2 Message from the Chair

Dear WWLI Members:


“Adaptability enforces creativity, and creativity is adaptability.” Pearl Zhu, author

I am awestruck when I think about how much our world has changed since our last in-person event in February. 

I am, again, awestruck when I think about how quickly and easily the WWLI board members and committee members have adapted in the last 10 weeks: converting in-person events to webinars, adding new webinar speakers, finding timely topics/articles, attending zoom meetings and, in general, finding new ways to communicate with you, our members.

Despite the pandemic, we remain dedicated to our core values and focused on Engagement, Commitment, Communication and Transparency (EC2T).  We continue to be a source of community for our members as we adjust and adapt our methods and approaches while keeping your health and safety a priority. 

In March, Cathrin Stickney presented New Decade, Same Pay Gap where she spoke about her organization Parity.org and its mission to close the gender pay gap.  Her message was heard loud and clear over webinar as we learned about the current statistics and how Parity.org is trying to make a difference by enlisting corporations world-wide, to take the parity pledge.  Please visit her website https://parity.org/ and get involved!

In April, our very own Carolyn Thompson, talked about how we can Create a Strategic LinkedIn Profile, whether you are a business owner, a job seeker, or a recruiter.   Carolyn reminded us how important it is to build and maintain a professional network whether on LinkedIn or through organizations, like WWLI.

In May, Monica O’Neill, CEO of Enzo Advisors presented Money, Money, Money – An Intro to Equity Capital Raising.  Monica adapted one of our executive member training modules to provide this webinar to our general members and guests.

This week, we learned about Return Strategies for the Workplace and Office Buildings presented by Mariela Buendia-Corrochano, principal architect/designer for Gensler, and WWLI board member.   Gensler is one of the largest architecture/design firms in the world, and Mariela consults with corporations and companies about what to expect in the post-COVID workspace.  Her presentation was very well received, and I found it extremely insightful and helpful, as many of us think about how the workplace will need to adapt. 

The Executive member module scheduled for June 12th, will cover the governance function for a corporate board.  The Women on Board committee was able to secure amazing speakers for this training session, including Stephanie Tsacoumis and governance/audit experts from Deloitte.  If you are not yet an executive member, this would be great time to upgrade your membership.  Please check out the recording of informational webinar about the executive membership here: https://wwli.org/video.php?id=1.

The social unrest and events happening around the country in the last few days, have made me appreciate even more, the importance of an organization like WWLI, where we feel a sense of community and togetherness.  I am inspired by this diverse community of women leaders coming together to support one another. 

As business and community leaders, I encourage you to reach out to others, offer support and consider what else you can do to support your community.

What has inspired you?  What have you learned?  What insights have you gained in the last few days, weeks and months?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please drop me a note at [email protected].

Sandy Lee

WWLI Chair


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