Q1 Message from the Chair

Dear WWLI Members:

January 2020 marked the start of the 7th year for WWLI! 

As we look forward to what is in store for us in 2020, we must also look back at the achievements in 2019 under the leadership of our past chair Sarah Happel.  Our focus in 2019 was Inclusion, Diversity, and Engagement (IDE).  This focus reminded us of WWLI’s core values, and we applied IDE in our membership, in our events, in our communication and in promoting our women on boards program.  As you know, as result, 2019 was a big success in membership growth, event attendance, and Women on Boards.

For 2020, we have refined our focus to Engagement, Commitment, Communication and Transparency (EC2T), to increase and improve the quality of engagement at all levels, whether that is for a general member, executive member, board member, committee member, and/or a sponsor.  We will achieve this by clear communication and better transparency at all levels. In return, we invite you, our members, sponsors, board and committee members to commit to WWLI and get involved;  Attend more events; Meet a new member; Sign up to help on a committee;  Meet a board member;  Become a sponsor. The opportunities to engage are plentiful!

With EC2T in mind, we held our first successful committee coordination meeting in February where committee members shared their 2020 goals and discussed how the committees can work together to achieve our overall goals.

In January, we started the year with a networking event at the Republic Restoratives and heard from a panel of pioneering women owners and founders of distilleries and breweries.  A few weeks later in February, we had the unique and rare opportunity to hear an intimate conversation between Tamika Tremaglio and Joyce Roché.  Their conversation rang true to us women leaders and many of us have since read Joyce’s book, The Empress Has No Clothes, to overcome our own ‘imposter syndrome’.  We received raving reviews for this event, and we send many thanks to Tamika and Deloitte for hosting us.

I invite you to join us for our March 30th webinar, on the eve of equal pay day.  We will hear from Cathrin Stickney, Founder and CEO of Parity.org and learn about the current state of the gender pay gap in the United States and what her organization has been doing to correct this situation. 

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the state of our organization as it relates to COVID-19.  We will continue to be a source of community for our members, though we may need to modify what that looks like in the short term.  We recently made the decision to shift our March networking event from in-person to a webinar.  As of now, all other events are moving forward as planned but we will modify plans as needed in the interest of our members and guests health.

On behalf of the entire Board of WWLI, thank you for your continued support of this important, mission-driven organization and may you find strength in the wise words of Joyce Roché from her book The Empress Has No Clothes;

Life changes dramatically when you begin to acknowledge yourself for your success.  It’s not that the imposter fears go away entirely; they just become much less insistent.  There is suddenly more room to breathe and the quiet space necessary to think about how you want to live.” 

Sandy Lee
WWLI Chair

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