Event Recap: The Three Legged Stool - Perspectives on Balanced Leadership

In recognition of Veterans Day and of her individual accomplishments, WWLI was pleased to welcome Colonel (Ret) Janet Setnor as our featured speaker for November. Jan, who currently works as Chief Anesthetist and Compliance Officer for Austin-Weston, The Center For Cosmetic Surgery, gave a presentation entitled, The Three-Legged Stool – Perspectives on Balanced Leadership.  Jan, who is also a wife and mother, shared how she juggles her military service, civilian career, and home life, and credits her success to team work.  In Jan’s words, “It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you don’t care who gets the credit.”  Her examples of successful team work detailed everything from working with medical professionals while on duty abroad to the importance of her supportive community at home and in the office.   

In addition to the presentation, attendees enjoyed refreshments and city views from the 29th floor of Gartner's Rosslyn office building.  WWLI was appreciative of the support from both Women at Gartner and Veterans at Gartner for hosting this important event and for the support of Gartner throughout the year.  Sr. Principal Chris Sandoval shared, "As the father to a strong, intelligent, athletic, and beautiful little girl, the brother of two sisters, and an HR professional, being aware of the challenges women in leadership face is especially important to me. WWLI helps me be more aware of the challenges women face every day while also celebrating their success. The group helps me keep this top of mind while also helping me self-reflect to prevent my own possible unconscious bias. Thank you for all that you do!"

Thank you to our attendees, annual sponsors, and partners for your support of this event. 

Event photos are available here on our website and also on Facebook

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