Q1 WWLI Message

Posted by [email protected] on Apr. 9, 2021  /   0

The Q1 WWLI Message is out! Check it out!

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How Tech Can Get More Women Into Software Engineering

Posted by [email protected] on Mar. 30, 2021  /   0

The path for women in engineering fields is a long and difficult path. 56% of computer software students are women but only 20% of those women actually graduate undergraduate with a computer software degree. Why is that?

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Why Marketers Are a Valuable Addition to the Board

Posted by [email protected] on Mar. 26, 2021  /   0

Marketers have found a new valuable place in the board room. Marketers are bring something that the board room as never thought they needed before.

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2021 Is a Tipping Point for Female Leaders

Posted by [email protected] on Mar. 20, 2021  /   0

Is 2021 the year leadership becomes feminine? We might be on track for it. To Read the Full Article 2021 Is a Tipping Point for Female Leaders by Stefanie K. Johnson posted to Bloomberg

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49% of Late-Stage Private Company Boards are Still All Male

Posted by [email protected] on Mar. 8, 2021  /   0

The all-male board is a thing of the past for public companies. There are no companies in the S&P 500 that have zero women on their boards. But among private companies, this is not the same.

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Q1 Message from the Chair

Posted by [email protected] on Feb. 22, 2021  /   0

Dear WWLI Members, As we look forward to what is in store for us in 2021, we must also look back at 2020 under the leadership of our past chair Sandy Lee. Our focus in 2020 was Engagement, Commitment, Communication and Transparency (EC2T).  However, as

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Washington Women's Leadership Initiative Announces 2021 Officers

Posted by [email protected] on Feb. 19, 2021  /   0

We are proud to announce our 2021 Officers

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Covid-19 and Women's Finances: 4 Money Ideas

Posted by [email protected] on Feb. 15, 2021  /   0

As a follow up to our January event on how COVID-19 is impacting women in the workforce check out this article related to the pandemic and women’s financial picture.

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The Women are Here!

Posted by [email protected] on Jan. 29, 2021  /   0

I received this video the morning before a noon WWLI webinar on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected women in the workplace.  I was rushing to get ready for the day and was not prepared to be so surprised by a short video. 

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Kamala Harris makes history as the first Black American and South Asian-American Veep: 'she's just a strong human being'

Posted by [email protected] on Jan. 22, 2021  /   0

January 20th, 2021 will go down in history as the day the United States swore in its first Black American, South-Asian American, Woman to be the Vice President.

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