About Executive Membership

Dedicated to helping women business leaders obtain paid board positions

For far too long women have been absent or under-represented on paid corporate boards. Stemming from an antiquated belief that women are not viable candidates who can contribute to a corporation’s future, board seats remained a male-dominated business position.

It was through the dedicated efforts of a few strong women and their demonstrated excellence as business leaders that the winds have finally shifted and more boards are seeking women. Currently women comprise a little over 20% of all board members nationally. Our goal is to help that number grow.

That is where our WWLI Executive Membership comes in!

Designed to prepare our Executive Members for life on a board, we have developed our Executive Member Module Series around the tools and skills needed.  We meet three times a year to provide leadership training for women interested in increasing their Board profile and presence nationally. Our Executive Members work with various community stakeholders,  including networking and interfacing with a wide variety of currently seated board professionals, companies seeking to increase and expand their board diversity, leadership trainers specializing in executive presence, recruiters, other candidates, and more.

Our Module Topics Include:

  • Creating your Board Bio: Beyond your resume your board bio needs to speak to the experience you bring to the table for the board you are seeking
  • Effective Networking Communication Strategies That Work – Learn an entirely new way of understanding what it takes to land a board seat and the communication tools to make it happen
  • Creating Your Board Strategy – Identify decision makers influencers and connectors in your existing network in order to build an individual strategic board plan
  • Financials inside and out – Beyond your department budgets get the know how to participate at a meaningful level when this topic arises
  • Governance – Different boards require different levels of acumen with governance. This is a full primer on all the types that our members need and are seeking
  • Recruiter day – Speed meetings with recruiters who participate in board placements
  • Individual Strengths & Values on a Board – Using a profile assessment tool gain insights to your role as a leader and understand how to activate your potential as a board director
  • Facilitative Leadership Learn how to gain consensus and adopt a strategic mindset